Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Festivities!!

This fall has been so much fun! Micah loves being outside and exploring so we've been taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Last Saturday we went to a bonfire with Brian and Jess. The kids LOVED being able to run around and scream. Claire and Micah looked so cute all bundled up! Micah's hat is handmade from ETSY. I love that site!!

On Sunday we went to Smith Family Farms; aka "the pumpkin patch". Of course we had to take time to look at all the animals...

Micah and Lyza- BFF

MISSION: Picking the perfect pumpkin...

I'll post our selection later- all carved and ready to be displayed.

Also, my grandma brought this picture over the other day. It's me on my first birthday...

Remind you of anyone??? Here's my baby when she was 9 months-

Obviously the blue eyes aren't mine, but there may be more mommy in Micah than we think!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lots to catch up on!!

The Tooley's have been busy this fall! Drew is practicing with the band at least once a week. Micah is on the go! She's so busy taking books to all corners of the house, emptying drawers, playing with the dog, eating like there's no tomorrow, and wandering in the park. Here are some of her latest pictures...I've been busy with the sewing machine! Somehow I've been able to find time and energy to put together some super-cute stuff. Check out the wallet I made...

It's not perfected, but I love it!

I also made my baby girl a sweet little dress. I bought some leggins and a pink long-sleeve shirt to put under it. Obviously she doesn't have the leggins or shirt on in the pictures, but you'll get the idea. What's great about this pattern is that as she grows the dress can be worn as a shirt with a cute pair of jeans. I have the pattern for sizes 12M-5T. If you want me to make one for your little princess let me know! I'm thinking about selling them for $15, and of course you can choose the fabric!