Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!!!

I love Memorial Day weekend for several reasons-
1. The public pool opens which means that summer is officially on the way!!!
2. The 500 Festival Parade- so much fun.
3. Warm weather is here to stay, and I L. O. V. E. warm weather.

If you have never been the to 500 Festival Parade you need to make an effort to go. I heard on the radio the other day it is the 3rd largest parade in the nation (the first is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the second the the Christmas Day Parade)!! All of the drivers in the Indianapolis 500 are in the parade along with many other celebrities.

We saw Dannica Patrick- always a crowd favorite.

Sarah Fisher- another one of the super-fast women in the race.

For those Office fans out there- we saw "Meredith"

And a fan favorite- "Jan"

But the highlight of my day was being within several yards of this cutie-patootie-- MARIO LOPEZ!!!!! We totally had a moment. Don't be jealous.
After the parade we went to my dad's house for a "cook-out"- he picked up KFC on the way home. He did have some guacamole, however no one really got any because Micah claimed the bowl as her personal portion.

She was completely satisfied dipping her chip in the guac... until my dad offered her a spoon. That was exactly what she needed to get the fresh tomato pieces scooped up into that little mouth.

Here's the little lady hangin-out with her Aunt Alison.

This picture is from our drive home from Drew's parents' this evening- she thought it was funny that the wind was blowing her hair everywhere.


Quite impressive, eh? This little bean is doing well- kicking and growing just like a baby should! At my appointment this week the heart rate was 140- middle of the road as far as heart rates go. I'm still thinking girl.... I will remind you that I thought Micah was a boy- my "mother's intuition" has a history of being wrong. Only 8 more weeks (at most!) and we will know!!!