Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New camera and a new belly.


This is absolutely my favorite time of year.... the only thing that could make it better is warm weather. I really don't like the arctic temperatures, but I do like being cozy-warm with my family watching everybody open presents and enjoy each others company. This year my dad will be breaking tradition by going to Arizona (my uncle and grandparents are out there) for Christmas. For the first Christmas in my life I will not be with both of my parents. Wow, how things have changed over the last year for the Morphey family. Anyway, we had Christmas with my dad on Saturday and he surprised me with a new camera! If you care-- its a Canon EOS Rebel XSi. It's AWESOME!!

This is a typical "hold me" gesture from Micah.

My sis, Alison, and her boyfriend, Jordan.


I've been thinking and I've decided it's time to post some ultrasound pictures of our little peanut- aka Tooley #2.

This is a full-body profile with the head at the bottom and the knees drawn up towards the body.

This picture shows the doppler of the heartbeat. 178 beats/minute!

And I certainly didn't waist any time getting a pooch! This picture was taken at 10 weeks!! Sheesh!

Well friends, that's it for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A much needed update!!!

So sorry about the delay in posting!! So much has been happening this past month and I have so many pictures to share! Lets start at the beginning of November. I went out to eat with the girls from work to PF Chang's. Can I tell you how much I love that place??!! We each order a dish of our choice, then when our food comes we take a little from what we ordered and pass the plate. It's great because you get to taste a little of everything.... and at PF Chang's it's the way to eat!

Drew and I are a part of a new church plant called Oasis of Fishers. Right now we meet at my sister and brother-in-law's house every-other Tuesday evening. On March 1st we will start meeting every Sunday morning at Hoosier Road Elementary. Anyway, their daughter, Meg, is only 5 weeks younger than Micah, so of course they have a blast playing all evening.

Meg. Love her.

Micah. Clearly announcing she's ready for bed.

Since Drew and I have lived in our house (2 years) we have been meaning to get our fireplace in working condition. The past 2 springs we have been host to 2 families of chimney swifts. This year, once the little ones 'flew the coop', I wasted no time in getting our chimney cleaned and capped. Drew, who has pyromaniac tendencies, was quick to light a fire this season. So pretty!!

Micah is becoming such a little girl. My little baby girl is gone; she's turned into one sassy, hilarious toddler. She's made great friends with our dog, Mia. Frankly, Mia is happy to be getting attention again. Micah's favorite place to rendezvous with her friend is... well... you'll see...

So, the other day I needed to give Micah a bath. I had turned on the water in the bathtub, waited until it was warm, and closed the drain to let the tub fill. Micah was playing with her little potty. I went into her room, which is literally 3 feet away from the bathroom, and grabbed a washcloth and towel. Here's what I found back in the bathroom...

As you can see, her hair and the top of her pajamas are dry. She didn't fall into the tub head-first. She strategically climbed in. How? I have no earthly idea.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween and baby showers...

Wow, time has gotten away from me! We had a busy weekend last week. Of course it was Halloween so we had to have fun with all of the festivities in our neighborhood. The neighborhood association sponsors a parade for all the kiddos; it ends in the park (which is right next to our house) where all the costume awards are handed out. Making her daddy proud, Micah was a Purdue cheerleader.

(sorry about the red-eye!!)

On our way to the start of the parade!!

Micah getting fresh with Cinderella... Aren't all the little ones so cute?!!

Micah won 3rd place for "Most Original" costume. Cheerleader? Original? Anyway, I'm still a proud mama!!

Also this weekend was Brittany's baby shower. It was so much fun! Em, Brian, and Harrison were in town (a link to their blog is to the right- The Ludwigs). Harrison is getting so big and he is still such a great baby!!

Here are all the girls that get me in trouble... Katie, Me (duh!), Britt, and Em.

This is more like us...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Festivities!!

This fall has been so much fun! Micah loves being outside and exploring so we've been taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Last Saturday we went to a bonfire with Brian and Jess. The kids LOVED being able to run around and scream. Claire and Micah looked so cute all bundled up! Micah's hat is handmade from ETSY. I love that site!!

On Sunday we went to Smith Family Farms; aka "the pumpkin patch". Of course we had to take time to look at all the animals...

Micah and Lyza- BFF

MISSION: Picking the perfect pumpkin...

I'll post our selection later- all carved and ready to be displayed.

Also, my grandma brought this picture over the other day. It's me on my first birthday...

Remind you of anyone??? Here's my baby when she was 9 months-

Obviously the blue eyes aren't mine, but there may be more mommy in Micah than we think!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lots to catch up on!!

The Tooley's have been busy this fall! Drew is practicing with the band at least once a week. Micah is on the go! She's so busy taking books to all corners of the house, emptying drawers, playing with the dog, eating like there's no tomorrow, and wandering in the park. Here are some of her latest pictures...I've been busy with the sewing machine! Somehow I've been able to find time and energy to put together some super-cute stuff. Check out the wallet I made...

It's not perfected, but I love it!

I also made my baby girl a sweet little dress. I bought some leggins and a pink long-sleeve shirt to put under it. Obviously she doesn't have the leggins or shirt on in the pictures, but you'll get the idea. What's great about this pattern is that as she grows the dress can be worn as a shirt with a cute pair of jeans. I have the pattern for sizes 12M-5T. If you want me to make one for your little princess let me know! I'm thinking about selling them for $15, and of course you can choose the fabric!

Monday, September 29, 2008

"I could make that!"

So, my new toy is here! Are you jealous???

I've been quite busy learning how to use it with the help of a wonderful book called Sew Fast Sew Easy. This book comes with all the how-to one could ask for and 3 simple projects to get you started; a pillow cover, a tote, and a skirt. So far I've made the pillow cover and the tote...

Yes, my friends, that is a pocket on the inside of the tote. I'm quite proud of myself. Alison thought I wouldn't even be able to thread the machine. Ahh, but I did!

I hope you all like pillow covers and totes... because that's what you're getting for Christmas, unless I figure out how to make the skirt.

Mr. Harrison

Since February I have waiting for the day that I would meet baby Ludwig- Mr. Harrison entered the world on Sept. 8th via his mommy, my fabulous friend, Emily. Brittany and I made the 6-hour drive up to Madison, WI to meet this handsome young dude...

Emily looks fabulous and has motherhood under control. Harrison is a perfect baby- eat, sleep, poop, repeat. No prolonged fussy times, spit-up, poop blow-outs, or nocturnal behavior!

It was so good to spend some time with my girls. Of course we had to take some time to do what we do best- SHOP!! We took a quick trip to Macy's and dropped the baby off with daddy just in time to spend 2+ hours at Target.

Here are some more pictures of my sweet little nephew...

In anticipation of our visit, Emily told Harrison that his Aunt Jen and Aunt Brittany were coming to visit. Brian, Em's husband, decided he would call us "Aunt Jittany" for short. So here are Em and Aunt Jittany...