Monday, September 29, 2008

"I could make that!"

So, my new toy is here! Are you jealous???

I've been quite busy learning how to use it with the help of a wonderful book called Sew Fast Sew Easy. This book comes with all the how-to one could ask for and 3 simple projects to get you started; a pillow cover, a tote, and a skirt. So far I've made the pillow cover and the tote...

Yes, my friends, that is a pocket on the inside of the tote. I'm quite proud of myself. Alison thought I wouldn't even be able to thread the machine. Ahh, but I did!

I hope you all like pillow covers and totes... because that's what you're getting for Christmas, unless I figure out how to make the skirt.

Mr. Harrison

Since February I have waiting for the day that I would meet baby Ludwig- Mr. Harrison entered the world on Sept. 8th via his mommy, my fabulous friend, Emily. Brittany and I made the 6-hour drive up to Madison, WI to meet this handsome young dude...

Emily looks fabulous and has motherhood under control. Harrison is a perfect baby- eat, sleep, poop, repeat. No prolonged fussy times, spit-up, poop blow-outs, or nocturnal behavior!

It was so good to spend some time with my girls. Of course we had to take some time to do what we do best- SHOP!! We took a quick trip to Macy's and dropped the baby off with daddy just in time to spend 2+ hours at Target.

Here are some more pictures of my sweet little nephew...

In anticipation of our visit, Emily told Harrison that his Aunt Jen and Aunt Brittany were coming to visit. Brian, Em's husband, decided he would call us "Aunt Jittany" for short. So here are Em and Aunt Jittany...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


My mom wanted to see some pictures of Micah wearing her Colts attire made by your's truly ;)

I've been quite crafty lately... I found a website ( ) that has given me inspiration. In fact, I actullay purchased a sewing machine! Ha! People are going to hate me at Christmas....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Something was funny about those bugs!

Micah tends to be a pretty serious kid (she gets that from her dad!) although, as she gets older we're seeing more smiles and giggles. Generally, I have to work pretty hard to get her to do anything but wine. But yesterday Micah found some plastic bug toys at Jessica's house and she thought they were a riot! Alison, my sis, was getting her to laugh and laugh. I've never seen her laugh like this before.