Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

As promised, I have pictures of my newest sewing project. I know you all have been anxiously waiting to see what it is.... the Amy Butler Birdie Sling!!! I love all of the patterns that this girl has, they're so cute and surprisingly easy to make!! Here's how mine turned out.

I love the pleated detail on the exterior... this was a little intimidating at first, but so easy to actually do!! It adds so much to the overall appearance of the bag.

This bag doubles as my diaper bag, too! I love the 3 interior pockets. Micah's cup fits in one of the small pockets, my wallet in the other, and my calendar in the biggest pocket. Then there's plently of room for my diaper & wiper pouch and whatever else I need.

Of course, no blog entry would be complete without some pictures of my baby- fresh from this morning! Enjoy!

The famous "scrunchie face". (She was running a special on these this morning.)

Patiently waiting to go to Grandma's house...

My favorite.... such a sweet little face!!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Tell your sweetie you love them!

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