Sunday, December 7, 2008

A much needed update!!!

So sorry about the delay in posting!! So much has been happening this past month and I have so many pictures to share! Lets start at the beginning of November. I went out to eat with the girls from work to PF Chang's. Can I tell you how much I love that place??!! We each order a dish of our choice, then when our food comes we take a little from what we ordered and pass the plate. It's great because you get to taste a little of everything.... and at PF Chang's it's the way to eat!

Drew and I are a part of a new church plant called Oasis of Fishers. Right now we meet at my sister and brother-in-law's house every-other Tuesday evening. On March 1st we will start meeting every Sunday morning at Hoosier Road Elementary. Anyway, their daughter, Meg, is only 5 weeks younger than Micah, so of course they have a blast playing all evening.

Meg. Love her.

Micah. Clearly announcing she's ready for bed.

Since Drew and I have lived in our house (2 years) we have been meaning to get our fireplace in working condition. The past 2 springs we have been host to 2 families of chimney swifts. This year, once the little ones 'flew the coop', I wasted no time in getting our chimney cleaned and capped. Drew, who has pyromaniac tendencies, was quick to light a fire this season. So pretty!!

Micah is becoming such a little girl. My little baby girl is gone; she's turned into one sassy, hilarious toddler. She's made great friends with our dog, Mia. Frankly, Mia is happy to be getting attention again. Micah's favorite place to rendezvous with her friend is... well... you'll see...

So, the other day I needed to give Micah a bath. I had turned on the water in the bathtub, waited until it was warm, and closed the drain to let the tub fill. Micah was playing with her little potty. I went into her room, which is literally 3 feet away from the bathroom, and grabbed a washcloth and towel. Here's what I found back in the bathroom...

As you can see, her hair and the top of her pajamas are dry. She didn't fall into the tub head-first. She strategically climbed in. How? I have no earthly idea.


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