Friday, January 30, 2009

My New Year's Resolution


Hold me to it! I've been such a slacker and it's time for a change. I feel like I always have sooo much to catch up on when I finally force myself to blog. I don't even know what to start with this one...

Em came down to visit a couple of weeks - I love it when she does that! It had been way too long since I had seen her and she needed to meet Mr. Griffin, Brittany's newest man. We thought it would be fun to have all 6 of us get our pictures taken.... They turned out so cute!

Love my girls!!!

We were able to hang out quite a bit while Em was here, which was really nice! I miss being with my girls all the time. Em is moving back here in July of 2010 and I couldn't be more excited!!!

Everybody (Katie, too!!) was able to come over to my house on Monday to have lunch and I just had to get the camera out to capture the cuteness! I got some great pictures of the kiddos....

Precious Baby Griffin

Mr. Harrison- so cute!

And the trouble-maker- Micah

She loved having all the babies around-- Beebee!! Beebee!! That's all she said the whole time they were here! She has no clue what's coming this summer- a beebee of her own! I ask her where mommy's baby is and she quickly pulls my shirt up and sticks her finger in my belly button. Then she looks for her baby in her belly button. Silly girl.

Tooley #2 update-
16 WEEKS!!

The bump is growing... in about 3 weeks I'll have some new ultrasound pictures to post. I've promised myself (and Drew) that I wouldn't do any peeking at work-- and I've been doing well! Stay tuned for more info. (The best info will be posted early-mid July!!)

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