Sunday, March 29, 2009

I've missed you!

Ok, sorry about the L-O-N-G delay in blog updates. Sometimes I don't think my life is interesting enough to blog weekly-- but I certainly hear about it from my girls if I'm a few days late! Love you girls!

Anyway, I've been working on Micah's "big girl" room for a couple of weeks now and I'm excited to show you the finished project!.... But you'll have to wait, Drew and I are in the midst of the finishing touches (what I need to say is- Drew is painting her headboard and I need to paint her dresser). I was hoping for a launch date of yesterday, but obviously that didn't really work out. I'm hopeful she'll be in her new room we need the nursery.

Let's see... this week our friend Wyatt and his mommy, Bethany, came over for a play-date. You can visit their blog by clicking here. I met Bethany when she was pregnant with Wyatt. She was one of my patients in the hospital for many, many weeks. Everything turned out beautifully, especially her precious baby boy.

Micah couldn't resist joining in on the fun.... Wyatt wasn't a big fan.

Speaking of that little monster... do you know what this is???

Let me zoom-out a little bit for you...

That would be Micah stealing peanut-butter cookies of the table and eating them on my micro-suede couch. Right after I took this picture she ever-so-kindly offered me a bite. Such a sweet girl she is.


24 weeks + 2 days today! This little one is doing great-wiggling and kicking like a champ. I had a dream earlier this week it was a boy.... take that for what its worth. I've also had girl dreams. Truth be told- I have no idea.

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