Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aaron is 3 months and Micah is crazy

I'm baaaaaaaaaack! Sorry about the delay, peeps. Life got a little crazy there for a second, but I'm back in control now. Here's the problem- I had to go back to work. BOOOOOOO.

I managed to not really get any good pictures of Aaron for his 3-month session. Big surprise. The more I plan the worse the results. Here's what I managed to get-

Micah has never liked bananas. She'll take a couple bites until she realizes she didn't really want it to begin with. So last night my dad came over for dinner and Micah insisted that she needed to have "bites" of the banana she spotted on the counter. My dad suggested we put some peanut butter on it to see if she would eat more of it. We did and she liked it. If you know my dad you know that he likes stir things up. He asked Micah if she wanted some mustard, joking of course. She said yes and then pointed to the spot on her plate where she wanted it. Seeing what she would do I gave her a little.

Yes, my friends, she dipped her banana in the mustard. And ate. every. last. bite.

Even the mustard.

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