Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vacation…. continued.

  We took a walk on the Gulf Shores, Alabama State Park Pier.  SOOOOO pretty at dusk.

Picture 240

   Picture 243

My dad, Drew, Aaron and I went to the Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum one afternoon (again, Micah stayed at the pool with Aunt Alison).  I think Aaron wants to be a pilot when he grows up.

Picture 297

Picture 288

This is an anchor for an aircraft carrier.  HUGE.

   Picture 290

   Picture 302

This lighthouse was just across the street from the museum, so we decided to check it out, too.

Picture 303

Picture 310

The spiral staircase, 178 steps to the top!

Picture 317

Picture 318

     Picture 316

(Can you see Drew and Aaron?)

We ate at some restaurant that let people feed a crocodile and turtles from the deck.

Picture 324

Picture 323

I tried to get some cute pictures of Aaron on the beach.  He was NOT in the mood for that.  I didn’t even try with Micah.  She has a mind of her own lately.

Picture 063  Picture 071          

One last family photo to end the post!      

Picture 042

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