Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vacation Pics- Gulf Shores!

We spent the night at Em’s, in Birmingham, on the way down.  Of course we had let all the kiddos play in the bath together (Sorry Brooks!  Maybe next time!)

Picture 140 

As  soon as we parked the car and before we unloaded a single suitcase we walked down to the beach.  Aaron was a little overwhelmed with the ocean—he couldn’t stop looking at the water….

Picture 154

Picture 153

Picture 151 

The view from our condo- so wonderful to wake-up to in the morning!

Picture 016 

The next morning we were the first one’s on the sand.

Picture 160 Picture 159 Picture 157 

Micah spent most of her afternoons (while her little brother was napping) at the pool.  Aaron hated the pool- he only got in it once.

Picture 167

Drew and I took Aaron shopping with us at the outlet mall one morning.  Micah stayed at the pool with Aunt Alison.  He’s a happy guy when he’s shopping!

Picture 174

We took an afternoon and went to the zoo.  It wasn’t anything like the Indy Zoo…. I’ll sum it up in one word.  Sketchy.

Picture 214

Picture 188

Picture 193

After Aaron found an add for dolphin tours in a magazine, we decided to go on one.  The kids both loved being on the boat!

Picture 232

Picture 258

Picture 261

Picture 266

Picture 275

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