Friday, June 12, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Drew and I took Micah to the zoo on Tuesday. I had been wanting to take her there for awhile. It finally worked out that Drew had a day off and the weather was perfect! We started our little adventure at the dolphin show. Micah loved watching the dolphins jump out of the water and swim around the pool playing with their toys.

Drew and Micah watching the dolphin show. (The pointing finger was very active while we were at the zoo.)

After the show we went to the underwater viewing area. I think Drew enjoyed this part more than Micah.

In the desert building Micah was fascinated with the Meerkats. She kept saying "Hi, kee kee kee!". That's her version of "kitty, kitty, kitty".

Next was the plains exhibit-- the giraffes were very active and so pretty!

After lunch we saw some Canadian Brown Bears-

And our day ended in the Oceans Building (By the way- this is the coolest part of the zoo. I could spend hours in that place.)

Sorry- didn't get any pictures of Micah in this part. She wasn't as thrilled with it was I was.... plus nap time had already been delayed by over an hour.

UPDATE: 35 weeks

**WARNING- This belly is a little out of control. Viewer discretion advised**

**WARNING- The owner of this belly is slightly hormonal- no comments are to be made about the large size of this belly- she already knows. Should such comments be made, the owner of this belly reserves the right to comment on the size of the commenter's belly. However, you may repeatedly comment on how great the owner of this belly looks.**


HomeSpun Threads said...

wow! What a super cute belly you have! Wish mine had been that awesome! Looks like you guys had a blast.

Nat said...

Jen- I must say you look FABULOUS! Plus, the picture of you and Micah at the zoo-- you can't even tell you are pregnant! Pregnancy looks good on you, be proud! :)

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

JEN! First of all, Micah is adorable! Second, I can't believe you are about to have your second when you were just itty bitty pregnant when E was born! Third -- where are these shops and when can we go??? I didn't know of any up there, I'm so stinkin' excited!! :)