Sunday, June 28, 2009

He's Here!

It's a BOY!! Drew and I feel so blessed to have this little man in our lives. He entered the world at 12:07 on June 27th-- just a little less then 3 weeks early. He weighed 7lbs 7oz and is 20 3/4 in long. A few hours after he was born he was transferred to the NICU for closer monitoring of his breathing. He needed a little bit of oxygen at that time.

Long story short- the neonataologist felt that he needed the assistance of a ventilator to breath after seeing his chest x-ray and blood work. He was sedated and put on the vent at around 4am this morning. Please keep him, Drew and I in your prayers. It's so hard to see my baby in this condition-- I can't even begin to explain to you how my heart aches. I want more than anything to hold and kiss my baby and I can't.

His blood work and chest xray from this morning seem to be pointing towards pneumonia, which is routinely a 7-day course of antibiotics.

Here are some pictures of him from this morning. His face seems a little swollen- he's getting some fluids to keep his blood pressure up. His breathing seems much more relaxed.

Please forgive Drew and I for not responding to all the phone calls and text messages- we appreciate all of your support and love. Visitors are welcome to come to the hospital-- just know that we won't be able to let everybody go up the the NICU.

I'm going to keep all significant updates posted here. ... like when we name him. :)

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