Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drew's Turn on Cloud 9

Aaron continues to do very well. His chest xray is much improved again today, however it still is showing some crud in the lower parts of his lungs. Dr. Hertz decided to given him one more day on the vent to wean the oxygen he requires. Right now he is at 25%- the goal is to be at 21% tomorrow so they can take him off the vent at that time. Once he's off the vent Dr. Hertz would like to see him skip the tube-feedings and go straight to breastfeeding. Yay!! I'm so sick of bonding with my breastpump- I'm ready for my baby!!

Drew got to hold Aaron today for about on hour- this is only the second time he's been able to hold is son. I know it was therapeutic for both of them. True to the Tooley name, Aaron didn't waste any time pooping while in daddy's arms. This is quite a feat considering the kiddo hasn't eaten for 2 days.

I was able to take a few pictures of Aaron this morning- his swelling seems to have reached a peak. All of the nurses and Dr. Hertz say that on day 3 babies start to get rid of all the excess fluid they've been storing.

Micah came to visit her little brother yesterday- she loves that baby. In fact, that's the only word she says the entire time she's here, "Baby. Baby? Wuv baby." What a great big sis!

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